Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anticipation and Towing

(This photograph summarizes of my summer. And conversely, this photograph summerizes my summary. Don't worry. It was the clown's idea to do the sorority squat. We just eagerly complied.)

Running, okay.

When my bosses asked me what I was going to do with the time between the end of my internship and the beginning of the school year, I hesitated to say “run across the Rocky Mountains tethered to another lady” because I wanted to be remembered for the way I excelled at data entry, not for the things I do in my free time. So I spoke the truth, but in a somber whisper, nodding. The result was more creepy than I intended.

Dear Diary,
It seems I’ve embarrassed myself at the office again. All of my bosses know about the rope and the 6 days of racing, and there is no time left to redeem myself. Game over.
Fondly, $abrina

At work. "Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress." - Coco Chanel. WISE WORDS, COCO.

Tomorrow morning, I am flying out to Colorado for the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run. It’s a 6-day stage race from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, Colorado. It will be exciting. My racing partner is Inov-8 teammate Amy Lane. She is an incredible athlete, who particularly excels on trails and in the 50K to 50-mile range. Also, she is lovely. This will be great.

The Tether

It’s called towing. You can read about it here.

Alright, I am off to finish packing, but here are some of my thoughts from today:

I made a triumphant return to Bikram Yoga because stretching is healthy and because I like to work on my anti-skills and operate outside of my realm of competence. Soon into my session last week, I started looking around the room for a clock and discovered, much to my chagrin, that they didn't have one. I was so deflated. I love to know what time it is. This reminded me the following passage from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, when Gulliver finds himself a giant foreigner among tiny people called the Lilliputians:

When the Lilliputians first saw Gulliver's watch, that wonderful kind of engine...a globe, half silver and half of some transparent metal, they identified it immediately as the god he worshiped. After all, he seldom did anything without consulting it: he called it his oracle, and said it pointed out the time for every action in his life.

That gives me pause. Time shouldn't be such a restraint. We should periodically disconnect and be fully present. For this reason, once each week, I run without my watch.

Okay, go. Have the best day ever. Happy running.
The Garden State. I mean it.

Thank you, Inov-8, for all of your support! This is the best.


  1. Yay $abrina! Yay inov-8!!! Go Amy and $abrina, kick some Rocky Mountain Butt!!

  2. I don't understand the Sorority Squat, but then again, I'm still trying to figure out why every girl on Facebook has to make the same weird Pouty Lips pose to show she's having a good time. Best of luck at TransRockies!

  3. Fascinating stuff. Towing and bondage and mountains, oh my! Sounds like the perfect way to cap off your summer. Have a blast out there.

    I'm glad to hear you are still doing Bikram. I'm officially an addict now. I'm going to take out a second mortgage to finance my habit. Wait, do you have to have a first mortgage to do that?

  4. I hope you are having a blast!

    I noticed you have NorthCoast 24 on your 2011 race list. FYI - There were 16 spots left as of August 22. Maybe he will (or not) allow a few extra entrants for know DNS.

    Michael Henze