Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Out: Hamster Wheeling.

Psychologists often draw a distinction between two people going for a walk together, versus two people walking side-by-side in the same direction. In the first case, there is shared intentionality. In the second case, there is vacant simultaneity. I think about this when I'm on the elliptical next to non-runners, or really, doing any sort of focused training alongside non-competitive athletes. Their pursuits, often analogous in form, differ in telos. Because in the same act, we have different motivations.
Basically, what I'm saying is I miss running with shared intentionality. I need more ultrarunners in my life.

This weekend, I am traveling down to Virginia to run in the Happy Pace Race 24-Hour Ultra Relay. I am SO EXCITED about the ultra-bonding. It is supposed to rain. Bring it. Bring the rain.

The Happy Pace Race is held on a 5K loop course in the Virginia hardwood forests of Hampton, Virginia. The course is flat and about as untechnical as running across your living room. You just run loops for a day. It's like voluntary hamster-wheeling. BRAIN: DISENGAGE. This is so exciting.

I ran it last year for a casual 60-mile long run with periodic fartleks in my mileage rebuild between Umstead and Old Dominion. It went like this. But this year, I'm running as a part of a relay.

Our team is awesome. Literally. Our appellation is "Team Awesome." I did not name us. I'd rather we be called Team Humble and let the other people evaluate us. In high school, I competed on a quadrathlon team called Team Amazingly Good-Looking, and I worried that the people would judge our aesthetics, rather than our performance. The most beautiful quality in a person is humility. The second most beautiful is monster quads.
(No, wrong. Not that kind of quad. I'm talking about leg quads: monstrous leg quads.)

I am especially excited about how this race fits into my upward build toward the summer races.

Last year, my race distances went like this:
(Big guy, medium guy, big guy, big guy, little guy, big guys)

This year, I'm racing like this:
(Little guy, little guy, little guy, medium guy, big guy, big guy, big guy...medium guy)

It is sort of a crescendo. I have lots of little guys early on to grow in racing confidence without burning out. The year will end (if all goes well) on Masochist to try to get a Western States bid again.
Okay, GO. Have a great week, and good luck to everyone racing Boston this weekend!


  1. I love it when there's a new post! You're writing is just ridiculous. Hope the race goes well! I don't know how a relay like that works, but I hope your leg and legs hold up!

  2. best of luck to you this weekend! :o) and i'm so happy you are planning on running MMTR! I hope you get the WS bid:o) exciting!! I will be cheering for you! hopefully get to see you soon!!

    take care and ENJOY this weekend!!


  3. Sabrina Moran, you have THE best blog on the planet!!! Hope your weekend is an absolute blast, buddy.


  5. Your blog's inspirational! Thank you!

    I'll be doing the Back on my feet lone ranger and Masochist along with a couple 'traditional' marathons this year. Good Luck

  6. Hey Sabrina! I so enjoyed running with you this weekend . . . . well . . . let me rephrase! I so enjoyed being on the team with you and seeing you DESTROY the field. So sorry your toe nail brought you down. You were having an unbelievable day! And you brighten my day every time we passed (or you lapped me!!) Hope everything works out!

  7. I love this: "The most beautiful quality in a person is humility. The second most beautiful is monster quads."