Friday, November 12, 2010

LSD with All My Friends!

At my older sister’s wedding, I wore makeup foundation for the first time. But not on my face.

On my wrist!

I’ve been working on my watch tan since sixth grade, and when my family suggested (demanded!) that I take off my athletic watch for the wedding, we realized that my tan was intensely pronounced. It would still look like I was wearing the absence-of-watch from outerspace.

Anyway, my running watch died! I mean it “died.” It never lived, so more accurately, it remained nonliving in the most poignant and complete sense of the word.

Now I have a new one to run with. My last watch was bright pink, and the Chrono timer only went to 20 hours. This is a fact that I found all too emotional during my last 24-hour run.

Why did it stop? What does this mean?

Somewhere in the watch-making process, somebody decided that 20 hours is long enough to work out. Twenty-FOUR hours is excessive.

Recently, I have looked like this:

Minus the hoop earrings.
Also: no baby.
Otherwise exactly the same.
My leg broke. I broke it. It’s my fault. I have a collection of 3 stress fracture boots from my running life, which I will one day use as flower pots and line the walkway to my home. And that is all I have to say about that.

I’m running again, really excited about GISPs (Getting In Shape Pains) and LSD. My high school coaches emphasized LSD—maybe too much. I don’t know. Well, I guess there’s no such thing as too much LSD; let’s be honest. But speed is good, too.

Whaaat? LSD means Long Slow Distance. Speed is faster running.

As of late, I've been lifting and spending a lot of time cross-training. Shout-outs go out to the following patrons at Yale’s Whitney-Payne Gym:

1--girl typing a paper on her laptop while on the stair-stepper
2--old man in gladiator unitard
3--girl eating fried chicken in the locker room shower at 9 a.m.
4--man admiring his arms in the mirror for 15+ minutes
5--the man crying this morning during his abs routine

Hats off to all of you.

Life is great. School is wonderful. I live with an old lady, and she sasses me when I leave for my daily runs. “Ohhhhh. I see you’re running again. Do you even have friends?” It’s pretty terrific. But, I mean, she’s no Sylvia…

Life is good. Being a student and running is like a personal study in eudaimonism. It's human flourishing.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and my trypto-plan with good old Austin…going on a post-turkey running adventure. YES. I’m also figuring out my 2011 schedule right now. Any race suggestions? Let me know! ☺


  1. Heyyyyyy you! I was gonna write you and say, "Your fan club NEEDS you to write something!" You came through before I could. Awesome! And hilarious as always. Race suggestions: OD 100 and Hinson Lake 24-Hour, both great training runs for Grindstone. :-) Heal quickly, friend.

  2. I got 99%. whomever told me that books were living stories of our lives lied. they lied I tell you.

    p.s. miss you so much it's stupid. seriously, I feel stupider without you.

  3. Our gladiator friend started playing the air guitar in between sets today. Sorry you missed it!

  4. You are hilarious :) Glad to hear things are going well!!