Sunday, April 18, 2010

shoes, oh my shoes

Okay, so here’s the scoop: Two years ago, I was cooking hot dogs for my campers over an open fire when I caught my shoes on fire. They were my favorite trail shoes, and they burned up like slices of toast. I thought, “I will never love another shoe again. It is too painful.” I considered becoming like Pocohontas, shoeless and free.

But then I found the Montrail Rockbridges. I am in love again. Birds are singing. In the words of Celine Dion, “My heart will go on.” My heart has gone on.

Rockbridges are my favorite Montrails. They’re light-weight and breathable. They’re sturdy enough that they can handle technical trails, and they are just very comfortable. I have the purple-maroon ones. They remind me of eggplants. Every Italian girl loves her eggplants.

Sneakers are important when you regularly put more miles on your feet than your car. I love my Montrails.


  1. So does this mean I can throw away all the old smelly ones under your bed?