Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few thoughts coming away from the Umstead-100


Second place! And it felt pretty good. :)

1-I am pretty sure that ultramarathoning is the only sport which not only condones the fanny-pack but practically mandates it. So fun.

2-I love this sport because the people are so authentic. They all have an interesting story to tell. I think when you spend so much time alone in a pair of sneakers, it edifies you. It makes you stronger and more honest with yourself.

3-This is the only sport where you could run 99 miles in one day, and if you don't finish that last mile, you walk away having failed...even after running 99 miles. Hahahaha. Cool!

4-About 75 miles in, a lady yelled after me that my calves were getting sunburned. I said, "Thank you. That is the least of my problems right now."

5-The whole time, I kept thinking about how it only takes 18 hours without brushing your teeth for permanent tooth decay to occur. So, by necessity, I finished in 17 hours, 21 minutes.

6-Two men proposed to me while I was running. I said yes to both of them.

7-The race volunteers and aid station workers were so encouraging! THANK YOU!

8-When I hit 99.7 miles, I told my pacer (my little brother), that I had had enough and was dropping out of the race. He did not think it was funny. I thought it was SO FUNNY.


  1. This sounds just like you, Sabrina. Makes sense,since you wrote it ;)You inspire a lot of people. I'm one of them.

  2. Hello Dear Sabrina!
    Sorry it has been a long delay getting back to you...but I want to say, congrat's on a wonderful race and most of all a wonderful spirit you have! So proud of you and truly would love to keep up on your successes! And you are too young to get married! Maybe marry someone who will crew for you (or watch the kids when you are out running...ha!). Take care and keep in touch! GREAT RUNNING SABRINA!

  3. Haha, "marry someone who will crew for you." Haha.

    Your writings make me very happy, Ms. Moran. And I'm going to look for Berry's book now, being as it ties into Great Divorce. Thanks!